About Us

INTERIO GRAFIEK is one of the leading dealer of ceramics, kitchen furniture and bathroom items,Diversification in production has been a fundamental pillar in the growth of a business group that began exclusively with the quality filtration of ceramics. Currently, the Group's thirteen companies offer an extensive range of products that range from kitchen or bathroom equipment to advanced construction solutions for contemporary architecture.

Our offices are located in

Jaipur in North of India Secunderabad in South of India Xiamen in China Our showrooms are located all-over Netherlands.

Our vision

Joining hands and building trusted relationships - "Your trust is our greatest inspiration".


We believe in expanding and representing ourselves through our clients geographically in a discreet manner avoiding any internal competition between them.

Our strength lies in our deep understanding of our clients' requirements, our wide network of procurement & supervision coupled with our high ethical standards; hence implementing a diversed system of working.

Our Business

Natural Stone Industry has been full of unethical practices, false commitments which happens to be our major competition.

We strive to keep our selves away from such environment, hence at times it slows our growth rate. At the end we feel happy counting on the continuity of our business with our clients or associates.

Who We Are

Our team consists of specialised people who strive to give their best as they share profits of their task. We could able to establish a factory in north of India and one factory in south of India. We do not own any quarry.

We welcome any one who are interested to be a part of our team to join us as our agents any part of the world.